The National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-safe (7233)

Hello, Cindy.

June 2015: In Canyon Lake with Julian and can’t return immediately to Houston after Shaun P. Hardy almost succeeds in killing Anne-Christine. Tropical storm Bill is expected to make landfall between Houston and San Antonio. In the meantime, ACJ takes the photos of the contusions and bruising on her neck, using the computer I’m typing on now.

June 2017: Waiting for another storm, Cindy, to make landfall during exactly the same week. Surfing the Internet and seeing those June 2015 images all over archived news accounts. Thanking her posthumously for documenting the abuse for the media to share. Checking Galveston County Inmate Status to make sure the murderer’s still behind bars. Remembering that instead of bruises, the coroner noted puncture marks on her neck in December 2016. Wishing like hell she was still alive and living in the Clear Lake area, so I could call her 100 times and plead with her to evacuate.